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Posted on: April 22, 2009 11:35 am

2009 NBA Mock Draft V. 1

I have been working on my first mock draft for a couple weeks.  Currently, I have only the lottery but will include a full 1st round mock soon.  I put more attention on the Bucks b/c they are my team.  The draft is clearly pretty weak.  Many of the guys I have going in the lottery have many question marks.

1. Kings: Blake Griffen (PF-Oklahoma)  Easy choice for whoever is lucky enough to snag the #1 pick.  Closest thing to a lock in the draft.

2. Wizards: Ricky Rubio (PG-Spain)  Honestly do not know too much about him.  I have watched some highlights and read some good things about him for a while.  The Wizards do lack a true point so Rubio would fill a need.  Watching some clips of him he looks like a very smooth player, lankey for a point guard, solid shooter and paser.

3. Clippers: Hasheem Thabeet (C-UConn)  While the Clippers have Kaman and Camby, they could use a young guy.  You get a good defender right out of the gate and in a few years I think he can be a solid starter in the league.

4. Thunder: James Harden (SG-Arizona State) Crafty guard who is solid on both ends.  Very polished for his age, great shooter, can drive to the basketball...gets a lot of steals with his long arms.  A bit undersized for the 2 (6'4").  I think he compliments Durant, Green and Westbrook well.  He would fit perfectly with Westbrook who lacks a consistent jump shot.  I had DeRozen going here, but Hardens game fits exactly what the Thunder need on the perimeter. Thabeet is the obvious pick if he is available. 

5. Timberwolves: Demar DeRozan (SG-USC) Super athletic wing who has the body and athleticism to be a star in the league.  Very raw, but give him a few years.  One of the guys I hope slides to the Bucks.  I know I have him higher than most mocks, but I think he will rise up boards once workouts start.   I could see the Twolves trading down here and grabbing a point guard, a position they really need.

6. Grizzlies: Jordan Hill (PF-Arizona) The Grizzlies need some big guys to compliment Conley, Mayo and Gay.  At 6'10", Hill gives them length and some scoring in the post, two things this team desperately needs.

7. Warriors:   Brandon Jennings (PG-Italy) I have no idea who the Warriors would take here.  The last two years they took super lanky wings with loads of potential (Anthony Randolph & Brandan Wright).  They lack a true point guard so I could see them taking Jennings here to handle the rock once he develops.

8. Knicks: Stephen Curry (PG-Davidson) Duhon is a below average point guard and Nate Robinson is more of an undersized 2.  Curry can shoot the rock and would be a good fit for the quick shooting Knicks.  Switching to point last year definitely helped him out NBA-wise.  Needs to work on his vision to become a solid point.

9. Raptors: Tyreke Evans (SG-Memphis)  The Raptors lack athletes on the perimiter. The 6'6" Tyreke Evans would fill this need.  Solid shooter, great driver.  He is very raw and not the best defensively, but I think he can be molded.  I hope he falls to the Bucks.

10. BUCKS:   Eric Maynor (PG-VCU)  At this point it is difficult to determine what the Bucks are going to look like come draft night.  It is unclear who amongst Charlie Villanueva, Richard Jefferson and Ramon Sessions will be back.  My guess is that Charlie V. and Sessions are gone.  I can't see Hammonds giving them big bucks or long contracts.  As much as it will suck to see two young, solid players go ...signing mid-tier players to big contracts is what got the Bucks into their current financial situation (Gadzuric, Bell and to a certain extent, Redd).  That said, I think the Bucks are best off taking the best person available regardless of position.  I am hoping DeRozan or Evans fall to the Bucks. With the current logjam at the 3 I do not see the Bucks taking Earl Clark, Chase Budinger or James Johnson.  Craig Brackens could be the pick if we do not retain Charlie V.  Also one of the trio of point guards (Lawson/Flynn/Maynor) could be the pick, especially if we do not keep Sessions.  I am still torn between who I would rather have the Bucks get at PG.  Right now I would say Maynor, Flynn then Lawson.  Maynor has the length (6'3"), vision and overall presence you look for in a point guard.   I could see Hammonds wanting a bigger point guard in the mold of Chauncy Billups.  Flynn is the riskiest of the 3, but has a lot of upside.  I think Lawson is solid at everything and a winner.

11. Nets: Earl Clark (SF-Louisville) The Nets got a steal in Lopez last year and are starting to develop a solid young team (sans Vince Carter).  While it still appears to be early, Yi Jianlian appears to bust.  The Nets need a 3 or a 4 and I think Clark's all around game and size entices the Nets to take him here.

12. Bobcats:   Craig Brackens (PF-Iowa St.) The Bobcats remind me a lot of the Bucks in that they have solid players but no one spectacular (Emeka Okafor, Boris Diaw, Gerald Wallace, Raja Bell/D.J. Augustin, Raymond Felton).  At this point in the draft there are a bunch of solid point guards, but with Felton and Augustin I can't see them taking another one.  Perhaps they make a trade with a team that falls in love with Lawson/Flynn.  If they don't trade I see them grabbing an athlete with size like Brackens.

13. Pacers: James Johnson (SF/PF-Wake Forest)The Pacers could definitely use a center, but there is not much at this point in the draft.  They have a bunch of solid players, but few athletic big men.  Johnson gives them more athleticism and an ability to score in the post.

14. Suns: Ty Lawson (PG-UNC) The Suns need a backup point guard and would quickly snap up Lawson or Flynn here.




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