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Posted on: June 25, 2009 4:03 pm
Edited on: June 25, 2009 4:06 pm

Lottery Mock and Bucks Draft Board

Posting this so I can make fun of myself in a few months.

How I think the draft will go down:

LAC: Blake Griffen
Memphis: Ricky Rubio
OKC: Hasheem Thabeet
Sac: Tyreke Evans
Minn: James Harden
Minn: Johnny Flynn
GS: Stephen Curry
NYK: Jordan Hill
TOR: James Johnson
MIL: Brandon Jennings
NJ: DeMar DeRozan
Char: Terrence Williams
Ind: Ty Lawson
PHX: Jrue Holiday

My Bucks Draft Board:

1. Griffin
2. Harden
3. Rubio
4. Evans
5. Thabeet
6. DeRozan
7. Jennings
8. Flynn
9. Curry
10. Holiday
11. Hill
12. Lawson
13. Teague
14. Clark
15. Blair

Posted on: May 13, 2009 11:54 am

NBA Mock Draft V. 2

Updated mock draft that includes the first round.  I will update it next week after the lottery.  I am still having a tough time deciding who the Bucks should take.  Comments are encouraged.

1. Kings: (1) Blake Griffen (PF-Oklahoma)  Easy choice for whoever is lucky enough to snag the #1 pick.  Closest thing to a lock in the draft.

2. Wizards: (2) Ricky Rubio (PG-Spain)  Honestly do not know too much about him.  I have watched some highlights and read some good things about him for a while.  The Wizards do lack a true point so Rubio would fill a need.  Watching some clips of him he looks like a very smooth player, lanky for a point guard, solid shooter and passer.

3. Clippers: (3) Hasheem Thabeet (C-UConn)  While the Clippers have Kaman and Camby, they could use a young guy.  You get a good defender right out of the gate and in a few years I think he can be a solid starter in the league.

4. Thunder: (4) James Harden (SG-Arizona State) Crafty guard who is solid on both ends.  Very polished for his age, great shooter, can drive to the basketball...gets a lot of steals with his long arms.  A bit undersized for the 2 (6'4").  I think he compliments Durant, Green and Westbrook well.  He would fit perfectly with Westbrook who lacks a consistent jump shot.  I had DeRozen going here, but Harden's game fits exactly what the Thunder need on the perimeter. I could also see Jordan Hill here who is more of a true 4 than Green. 

5. Timberwolves: (5) Demar DeRozan (SG-USC) Super athletic wing who has the body and athleticism to be a star in the league.  Very raw, but give him a few years.  One of the guys I hope slides to the Bucks.  I know I have him higher than most mocks, but I think he will rise up boards once workouts start.   I could see the Twolves trading down here and grabbing a point guard, a position they really need.

6. Grizzlies: (6) Jordan Hill (PF-Arizona) The Grizzlies need some big guys to compliment Conley, Mayo and Gay.  At 6'10", Hill gives them length and some scoring in the post, two things this team desperately needs.

7. Warriors: (7) Brandon Jennings (PG-Italy)  I dropped Jennings down because he has not been shooting well in Europe.  I believe he was shooting 3's at about 19%.  The Warriors lack a true point guard so I could see them taking Jennings here to handle the rock once he develops.

8. Knicks: (8) Stephen Curry (PG-Davidson) Switching to point last year definitely helped him out NBA-wise.  Needs to work on his vision to become a solid point.  Rumor has it that the Knicks guaranteed Curry they would take him at 8. Duhon is a below average point guard and Nate Robinson is more of an undersized 2.  I am not sure I like the pick as Curry is essentially an undersized 2 as well.

 9. Raptors: (9) Tyreke Evans (SG-Memphis)  The Raptors lack athletes on the perimiter. The 6'6" Tyreke Evans would fill this need.  Solid shooter, great driver.  He is very raw and not the best defensively, but I think he can be molded.  I hope he falls to the Bucks.

10. Bucks: (14) Ty Lawson (PG-UNC)  I really like Jrue Holiday here (pass-first point guard who is a good perimeter defender) but I think the Bucks do not take him because he is more of a work in progress than some of the other point guards.  I also think based on last year's work in progress pick (Joe Alexander), Hammonds will be reluctant to take an unpolished player.  I previously had Maynor going here in my last mock.  Of the potential point guards we take here: Flynn is the strongest, Lawson is the quickest, Maynor has the most polished all-around game, Teague can score the best and is more of a combo guard, and Holiday is the best defender.  I am a fan of going defense and would like Holiday to be the pick.  But realistically I think the Bucks take Ty Lawson here who is the most polished and is a pass-first point guard.  Options that are not point guards: Earl Clark to help fill Charlie V.'s spot, Gerald Henderson for a good perimeter defender and eventual Redd replacement, DeJuan Blair for toughness.

11. Nets: (11) Earl Clark (SF-Louisville) Clark gives them a Boris Diaw-type player with a solid all around game plus size.  The Nets need a 3 or a 4.

12. Bobcats: (--) B.J. Mullens (C-Ohio State) Athletic 7 footer who was not very good for Ohio State last year.  My guess is that a combination of good workouts this summer (very athletic for a big guy) and the lack of quality big men in the draft, push Mullens into the lottery.  The Bobcats remind me a lot of the Bucks in that they have solid players but no one spectacular (Emeka Okafor, Boris Diaw, Gerald Wallace, Raja Bell/D.J. Augustin, Raymond Felton).  At this point in the draft there are a bunch of solid point guards, but with Felton and Augustin I can't see them taking another one.  Perhaps they make a trade with a team that falls in love with Lawson/Flynn/Maynor.  I had them taking Brackins here but he is staying at Iowa State.

13. Pacers: (--) DeJuan Blair (PF-Pitt) This is a tough spot in the draft for the Pacers. The Pacers have enough white guys who can shoot threes so they pass on Budinger.  There are a bunch of good point guards here, which happens to be the only position they do not need. They could use a big man here, but it would probably be a reach.  Brandon Rush has apparently locked down the starting 2 spot so I do not see them taking Gerald Henderson.  Blair, while undersized, would give them a bruiser down low that they really need.

14. Suns: (--) Johnny Flynn (PG-Syracuse)  Rumor has it that the Suns love Flynn.  Learning under Steve Nash would be a great situation for him.

15. Pistons: (--) Jrue Holiday (PG-UCLA) The Pistons have a good history with big point guards who play solid defense.  I really like Jrue Holiday and think the Bucks should consider taking him at 10.  He is 6'4", a pass-first point guard and a great perimeter defender.  After an underwhelming freshman season at UCLA his stock has taken a hit, but has all the skills to be a great NBA point guard. I think the Pistons are realizing that Stuckey is not the answer at the point (and nor is The Answer the answer).

16. 76ers: (--) Chase Budinger (SF-Arizona) Good shooter, should be a very solid roll player in the league.

17. Bulls: (--) Gerald Henderson (SG-Duke)  I do not see the Bulls resigning Ben Gordon.  Henderson gives the Bulls a wing off the bench who can play D.

18. Timberwolves: (10) Eric Maynor (PG-VCU) The T-Wolves need a point guard and Maynor is not great at anything but good at everything. This draft is point guard heavy and if they do not take one with their first pick would be happy to grab Maynor.

19. Hawks: (--) Jeff Teague (PG-Wake Forest) The Hawks need a young point guard.  Teague has a lot of upside.

20. Jazz: (--) Terrence Williams (SG-Louisville)  Jazz are weak at SG.

21. Mavericks: (13) James Johnson (SF/PF-Wake Forest) Athletic wing would give them some energy off the bench.  I think they would love if one of the point guards fell to them here.

22. Hornets: (--) Wayne Ellington (SG-UNC) Solid, yet unspectacular guard.  I've seen a lot of mocks having him go a lot higher.

23. Thunder: (--) Tyler Hansboro (PF-UNC) Would give the Thunder some toughness.  Should be a great role player similar to Big Baby for the Celtics.

24. Trailblazers: (--) Sam Young (SF-Pitt) Athletic three, who has developed a decent long range shot.  Should be a solid player in the leauge.

25. Kings: (--) Darren Collison (PG-UCLA) Ultra quick point guard.  On the smallish side.  The Kings obviously don't take Collison here if they grab Rubio with their first pick.

26. Bulls: (--) Derrick Brown (SF-Xavier)

27. Grizzles: (--) Marcus Thornton (SG-LSU) This pick is probably dependent on who they take at 6.

28. Timberwolves: (--) Austin Daye (SF/PF-Gonzaga) Three picks in the first round is pretty nice.  I think they go best player available here.

29. Lakers: (--) Patrick Mills (PG-St. Marys) Fisher is old and Farmar needs to step up.

30. Cavaliers: (--) Gani Lawal (PF/C-Georgia Tech)

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